Monday, May 24, 2010

Workplace Bullying (My Personal Update)

Hi everyone! I know it's been a long time since I've posted so I thought I'd give an update.

I'm still working from home and don't have to go to the office and see the workplace bully too often.

My husband tried to understand but he still really doesn't and our relationship was strained as much as it could be. I had started the papers for a divorce but we recently decided to beat this dead horse a little longer.

People just don't understand unless they've been through it. Not very long ago I walked in the room where hubby was watching the news and he said "this guy just walked into his workplace and shot and killed five or six people!" I replied "he probably just killed a workplace bully and his/her posie, more power to him". Then I was a little surprised at myself and thought, "oh my gosh, did I really say that? Do I really think that it's OK to kill sociopaths and their weak, mindless, spineless followers?" Of course not because it's against the law. But then I said "he probably did everyone in the world a huge favor. Now the rest of us don't have to put up with them".

Back when I wrote the first post I told the owners that I know Jeanie (bully where I work) has high blood pressure and is overweight. I told them I could let loose on her (it) verbally, get her so upset, and it could kill her and then I wondered if I'd be legally charged with something. They laughed and said no, I couldn't be charged. I wonder if they would like for that to happen. I've thought about it a lot. Looked at her and thought, "I could do it now". I know about her gay husband's uncle and the reason most sociopaths become that way is sexual abuse as a child. The strong people handle child abuse the best they can, the weak turn into sociopaths and in this case with pedophilia. I think that's what she and her husband have in common and they can hide their sexual orientation by being married. I have no problem with gay people, by the way, just sociopaths and pedophiles.

I've looked up the Ten Commandments in every faith I can find and none elaborate on "thou shalt not kill". Kill what? Spiders, snakes, sociopaths? I don't think of sociopaths as people anymore, just bugs that should be squashed. These are just my thoughts, don't anyone do it, not worth prison, and I don't know if God thinks of sociopaths as people so I should just back off and let Him do his job. In the Bible there are plenty of stories of good people killing nut farms. If I'm wrong I can't take it back. If I do nothing I can continue to grow. We all can continue to grow, not just in mean either. I have found some happiness and I wish that part on everyone of you targets reading this. So I changed the theme of this blog from grey to bright colors with the new leaves growing in the background. I hope it's an inspiration. You're not over, this isn't done and as long as we muster up the strength to keep learning, growing, and keep our faith we'll come out even stronger.

Every single time I check the petition I thank God for the people who signed. I cry a lot too reading the comments and pray for the writers. There's another petition that has a lot more signatures then the one I started, I signed it and hope you will too.

I hope you'll understand I can't look at this everyday. I don't check my email too often and Facebook confuses me a little, lol.

Thank you all so much. You are all my inspiration.